Are you mobile?


The life blood of an auditor their constant companion and travel buddy is by far the lonely computer.  I marvel at how life was possible without a laptop.  Believe me I have heard many war stories from the more “seasoned” players about the finer points of a good wheelie cart and/or quality bag that can handle such weight.  As the story goes before the age of mobile computers, with their glorious virtual files, the new staff or those with the lowest street cred were stuck hauling the luggage… ahem I mean files.  Every time I hear the tale, I am reminded again of my appreciation and fondness for my ever ready companion the mobile computer and amazing iPhone.  With the birth of the digital age, the accounting industry has changed drastically and in my opinion for the better.  A single accountant can now go to a job site, scan or swap hundreds of files digitally and complete a mountain of work in less time than you can say, Wow look at that amazing accountant!   The market is filled with various applications and software that promises to increase efficiency and improve client relations all in an attempt to create the world’s best super accountant.  I for one cannot determine if the world is ready for the next super hero but I know my firm would be lost without our Citrix applications.

Citrix, the greatest mobile cloud computing application since sliced bread.  Well maybe not the absolute greatest but Citrix is not only an application; it is a gateway into accessing additional information.  In a way Citrix allows the user to remotely access any desktop or server while providing a secure encrypted world to hold it.  I know I know, cloud computing has been around for a several years but lately it has truly blossomed into an amazing world just waiting to be used.   Citrix allows our staff to log into their email, calendar, regulatory software, and virtual filing systems all from the comfort of their mobile laptop computer.  On the backend our IT folks love it because it provides a secure method to hold our sensitive financial data.  This way if our laptop is ever lost or stolen all the files remain safe and sound on the server where only authorized users can access them.   One of the features I truly enjoy is the ability to run multiple platforms on one machine.  Now when I have my laptop open in the field, not only can I open the server and access my remote files but I can open more than one instance and have multiple file years open at the same time while running virtual email and scanning documents hurray!    Now are you ready to go mobile?



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One response to “Are you mobile?”

  1. missamericanpie11 says :

    This is really interesting! I’m interested to know just how long ago Citrix started and if they anticipated the success that they have. I can only imagine what accounting was like before portable computers!


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